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RIM MASTER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., was founded in 1983, and we specialize in manufacturing valves for tire factories of worldwide major brand. RIM MASTER is able to offer many different kinds of valves which are with safe, economical, convenient and material-saved patent products. In order to meet the demand of worldwide bicycles, we develop a lot of multi-function tubeless valves. Some of these valves become the popular and fashion trend nowadays. Moreover, according to the commission from worldwide tire factories and top car dealers, our research and development team design and develop new products. Now these new products we develop have also become the main products in the world. With the progress of the era, the safety function of tires is more challenging; therefore, we positively develop various TPMS valves with multi-function and their effects are well-reputed. Mr. Chang I-Huang, the founder of RIM MASTER, is one of the valve standard pioneer of Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office.

RIM MASTER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., in accordance to the diligence, responsibility and positive attitude as the business concept. We positively expand our factory all over the world. Now there are six factories in Asia. The factory in India is under arranging according to the demands of local development of tire.We not only specialize in manufacturing tire valves and TPMS related industry but positively develop auto parts, electric assisted bicycles, light electric vehicles, heavy duty electric vehicles and leasing of house property to numerous world-class company. We lease out many factories to worldwide suppliers. Along with the special opportunity, the founder arduously established one temple called 台南南聖宮. We construct the temple and promote filial piety with “virtue as origin, filial piety as first, helping people from the heart” and usually hold activity for public welfare to feedback to the society. 


Now we positively establish factory in Thailand and we are going to manufacture the top industrial valves, tire valves, different alloy inner tube valves and tireless valves, auto parts, TPMS serial products, foam tires especially for U-BIKE serial products to replace inner tube, the electronic components used on communication. In the future, we will manufacture electric assisted bicycles, light electric vehicles, heavy duty electric vehicles and so on. At the same time, we are observing the development of tire business and preparing to establish one factory in India. We will supply our products to not only Indian market but Middle East market and all over the world.


Mr. Chang I-Huang, the founder of RIM MASTER, not only run the business but positively give feedback to the society. He solely established a temple 台南南聖宮. 台南南聖宮 is a place which provide people to reflect and to find spiritual sustenance. Moreover, we regularly hold volunteer medical consultation to benefit the society and care the community; provide the scholarship to the children of volunteer to encourage them to study hard; donate emergency allowances to the community and help the social vulnerable groups; sponsor lunch to the school; hold many culture and education activities, such as law lecture, medical lecture, philosophy lecture and finance lecture; hold calligraphy class, painting class, language class and so on to create one colorful life area to the community.


ADD: No.11, Ln. 108, Sec. 2, Funong St., East Dist., Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 06-3363722





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